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Magic on the Edge - the Mystery of Magic 


After an acclaimed sell-out in Fringe 2017 with the premiere of Magic on the Edge, four of Adelaide's most impressive magicians will take you on another magical, mind-boggling, fun-filled, edge of your seat, can't afford to look away spectacle. This is Magic on the Edge, part two!

Four great minds take each other and the audience to the edge of credibility and disbelief. Featuring favourite magicians from 2017 with some new hands who think they have something unbeatable up their sleeves. Come along to be entertained, and join in the fun as we discover the mystery of magic together.

LOUNGE: Mar 9, 10, 11, 16, 17, 18 at 7.00pm $20/Fam$70/Grp$17.50 (50 mins)



The GC at The German Club 223 Flinders Street Adelaide

BOOK TODAY AT or 1300 621 255

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The GC places strong emphasis on high production values and comfort for artists and audiences.

The main performance space, the 450-seat Showroom One, is one of Adelaide's best multi-purpose rooms: flat floor, fully air-conditioned auditorium with side-access proscenium arch stage, high ceiling, black-out curtains, lift and stair access, and excellent acoustics with no sound transfer. It is equipped with some of the very best sound and lighting equipment available, the equal of anything around the Fringe.

Other rooms – from 60 through to 150 seats – provide remarkable performance spaces with quirky ambience, particularly suited to stand-up, small bands and two/three-handed theatre, great for audience interaction.


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