Bald Eagles Hell Over-Freezes


"I am liking more than anything to spend the night under the Bald Ealges' covers." Notto Betaken, Seriously Music, Stockholm

Fringe sell-outs since 2010 and sold-out in general, The Baldies are joined by string trio and brass to celebrate the songs that marked The Eagles' reunion in 1994, some 14 years after saying it would take Hell To Freeze Over before they played again. That reunion was marked by an MTV concert, DVD, CD and ultimately the first of several farewell tours.

The Baldies wrap a bust-up, reunion and Farewell Tours 1-27 into just four performances: who knows which you might get, perhaps the whole thing! But you will get their flawless trademark harmonies, seamless musicianship, and a sardonic view of the world that audiences - and often they themselves - die for. A night under the Baldies' covers of The Eagles is always more fun than anyone deserves.

SHOWROOM: Feb 16 at 7.30pm & 9.30pm; Feb 21 at 7.30pm; Mar 11 at 8.00pm $35/C$29/Gr$29


The GC at The German Club 223 Flinders Street Adelaide

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