Quarter Life Crisis

The General Public Theatre CompanyTAP into Health! A rare, unmissable

After a successful season at the Sydney Fringe Festival in 2015, The General Public Theatre Company brings us Quarter Life Crisis.Steph went to uni, got a job, fell in and out of love, and then... and then what? It’s the eve of her 25th birthday and she’s started to question a few things. Is this life? Is this adulthood? Is this it? Quarter Life Crisis is a cheeky one-woman show based on a collection of real experiences. It’s a celebration of bad life choices and peanut butter. A show that will change your life.* 
*not guaranteed

“Marvellously exuberant and unrestrained.” GQ Magazine

Dates: 7-12 March
Time: 7.45am (50 minutes)
Venue: The Clubroom
Tickets: $18 - $25

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