A transporting and sensory performance with equal parts audio and video: electronic/synthetic music that strives to express a dystopian future that still holds some hope for renewal and organic symbiosis, with multiple projections and analogue-generated visuals to complete the experience. 

Artists Tim Koch (exploring the quirks of the MOS6581 Commodore 64 sound chip) and Restrahlen Band (a mix of electronic sound sources) represent Adelaide’s grittier electronica subset.

Luke Killen and Adam Ritchie (both using modular synthesisers) come with the highest accolades for their sensitivity and invention in the electronic music field.

Retrotech label DataDoor is a music label focusing on music that utilises the machines of yesteryear to create sounds that are anything but retrospective.

Dates: 17-18 March
Time: 10.00pm (90 minutes)
Venue: The Studio
Tickets: $20 - $30

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