Magic on the Edge

Join five of Adelaide’s magicians around the table as they seek to establish what that perfect magic illusion looks like. It’s the trick that takes you to the edge of reality, involvement or just pure fun – magic on the edge.

Steve Burford pushes the bounds of reality with his own brand of mystery;
Rob Ellinger mesmerises with dexterity and wit;
Bingo Jack wows with audience participation and a touch of humour;
Drew Ames mystifies with a magical story; and
Don Gagliardi takes you on a fast-paced ride of danger.

But which magician will take you over the edge? See this unique behind-the-scenes glimpse, as these magicians debate, demonstrate, remonstrate and perform to find the best illusion, just as they would at any magical gathering.

Dates: 17 Feb-26 Feb  
Time: 2.00pm AND 7.00pm (50 minutes)
Venue: The Lounge
Tickets: $10 - $20

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