Koomurri Aboriginal & Torres Straits Dance Troupe

2016 winners of the national Aboriginal Dance Rites, Koomurri dance troupe will showcase its exceptional talents in didge, dance, art and culture, along with tongue-in-cheek humour that will keep the audience on its toes.

In performance, Koomurri demonstrate their love of sharing culture, while revitalising their traditional costumes and skin markings, and reinvigorating the crafts of their ancestors. 

The troupe boasts many of the country’s best Aboriginal dancers and performers, some of Bangarra fame. Members hail from many regions and Aboriginal clans spanning the east coastlines of Australia, making their performance an exceptional look at multiple Aboriginal cultures in one show.

Dates: 8-11 March  
Time: 7.00pm (70 minutes)
Venue: The Studio
Tickets: $15 - $28

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