How’s Your Acting Going?

Louise O’Dwyer

Have you done anything yet? Any television? I don’t think we’ve seen you in anything? Have we?

This hilarious and painfully truthful comedy captures that special dying feeling when friends and family ask how your career is going. And then try to offer advice.

In a virtuoso performance, Louise O’Dwyer brings to life achingly familiar characters: The wealthy aunt, voice like nails down a blackboard, who measures success in the foot lengths of a yacht; the misty-minded Steiner teacher and her breathy goodwill of death; the disappointed dad, trying to be helpful; the therapist who will chart it all on the graph of human failure, and more, in a hilarious train-wreck of appalling honesty.

How’s Your Acting Going? is in turns intensely personal and universal; hilarious and deeply moving. It joins the Adelaide Fringe Festival 2017 after two raucously celebrated seasons at Melbourne’s La Mama and a regional tour in Victoria.

Don’t miss this funny, genuinely moving and sophisticated theatre experience.

'A tour-de-force of comedy intertwined flawlessly with incredible moments of insight.' Leonard Miller *****

Dates: 28 Feb-11 March  
Time: 7.00pm (50 minutes)
Venue: The Lounge
Tickets: $15 - $20

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