Europe Won’t Fix You

The General Public Theatre Company

Have you ever quit your job and bought a one-way ticket to Europe, only to find yourself broke and Googling Centrelink options on your parents’ couch several months later? … Same.

After a sell-out season at the Sydney Fringe Festival 2016, The General Public Theatre Company is bringing crowd-favourite Europe Won’t Fix You to the Adelaide Fringe. 

“Go to Europe,” they said. “It will be fun,” they said. Well, I f***ing went to Europe and came back fat, sad, and with a questionable rash that not even Savlon can fix. I guess it was a little less Eat Pray Love and a little more Eat Drink Cry.

Europe Won’t Fix You
is a comedy that cracks open the idea that travelling could be the cure to all that ails us. It’s about looking for greener pastures, only to find that the grass doesn’t actually grow in a European winter. This is a show about running away. An anti-‘finding yourself’ story.
A travel tale you won’t find on Instagram.

Dates: 28 Feb-5 March  
Time: 7.45pm (50 minutes)
Venue: The Clubroom
Tickets: $18 - $25

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