Death is Over-Rated


What if you had died and come back to life? Well, Margaret Mayer did. And she’s here at The GC to tell the tale with Sydney’s hilarious Rachael Vincent. 

Now 85, Margaret was run over by a speeding motorist while riding her motorbike at age 81. She died at the scene but was revived. Margaret has many broken parts but her mouth certainly isn’t one of them... nor her brilliant brain, beautiful heart and biting observations. 

Death is Over-rated launches her new career as the planet’s oldest comedienne, with Rachael Vincent as host. Rachael has hosted everything from tattoo pageants to charity fundraisers and built a clandestine fan club among spiritual festival goers for her array of irreligious characters. 

Proceeds go to the Plas Prais Foundation, which provides accommodation and education for girls in the poorest regions of northern Cambodia.

Dates: 11-18 March  
Time: 5pm AND 6pm
Venue: The Clubroom
Tickets: $14 - $19

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