Für Immer: The Joy of German In-Laws

Big Al & Beck Jones

Friends you can choose. But family and in-laws? What happens when The One comes from a family of nutters. This is a hilarious play about beer, in-laws, brakelights, lite-strength beer, WADA-banned drugs, guns, Groundhog Day and the power of beer glasses; as well as falling (and staying) in love. Potbelly uses young and emerging professional theatre artists to create work that asks questions without knowing the answers and believes in theatre’s ability to blend comedy, serious issues, philosophy, pop culture, tension, conundrums and storytelling into a satisfying, entertaining, challenging whole. 

Dates: 16-18 March  
Time: 7.00pm (45 minutes)
Venue: The Cellar

Tickets: $12 - $25

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