The Right Unravelling

Choreographer Zac Jones has created a performance form that synthesizes the insights of musicians, martial artists and dancers into one dynamic movement technique. Rhythmic patterns, singing, explosive power and effortless release all come together in an improvised performance like no other.

Sound artist Ziggy Zeitgeist (from hip hop band 30/70) contributes a live sample and broken beat score, in a meeting and exchange of spontaneous creative energy. 

The result is dynamic, unpredictable, broken and complete, a place where the paradox of martial arts’ wild violent forms and sensitive and controlled grace is presented through physical ideas, rhythm and improvisation.

Zac Jones… moves like no one else.” 

Dates: 2-5 March
Time: 4.00pm AND 7.00pm (45 minutes)
Venue: The Cellar
Tickets: $15 - $80

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